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Here you can find all things Red Dwarf including information about the Red Dwarf Movie, some Red Dwarf games (unofficial and unsanctioned) I have written, other peoples red dwarf shareware and of course scripts, character information, fan clubs, sounds, wallpapers and so on.

The games here are just for fun and in no way intended to be official Red Dwarf games.

They are not sanctioned or endorsed by any official Red Dwarf people.

If you want to waste some of your valuable time in a completly pointless, but very dwarfy, activity play the GAG (Graphical Adventure Game)

Latest info about the upcoming 2020 special

Lots of great Red Dwarf information here, a must read for all of us fans

Interview with Dave Lister (Craig Charles) read now

New and improved GAG

The rewrite of the RD Graphical adventure game (GAG) is complete. View some screenshots or just go an play the game yourself. Just navigate to Games and select GAG

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You can use the site search here to find quotes etc in the Red Dwarf scripts.

Try it out, for instance where did Ace say "smoke me a kipper", what episode did Lister think he had a tarantula in his boxers?