This is the list of Planetsmeg's own Red Dwarf games, written by me for use on this site.

The Flibble Shoot and Despair Squid games no longer work in modern browsers and have been removed, the Planet Potters game needs javascript enabled. Enjoy!

Please report any bugs

1. Prince of the Planet Potters

Another fiasco to be created by me.

It is based on the Red Dwarf episode White Hole. You must stop time spewing into the universe by potting a planet into it. You fire a Thermo Nuclear device into any one of the planets,orbiting or motionless, causing it to fly off.

It may (or may not) crash into other planets and eventually plug the WhiteHole. See the Controls section in the game for keys to use

2. Graphical Adventure Game (GAG)

The grandaddy of them all, the GAG is an adventure game in the style of Myst.

Explore the minimg vessel Red Dwarf, collect items for your inventory, solve problems and eventually try to figure out if this game has any purpose whatsoever.

This will take you some time, and maybe multiple visits, to finish (without cheating)