At the time of the explosion that killed Red Dwarfs crew , Listers pregnant pet cat Frankenstein was locked in the cargo hold of the ship and she gave birth to her litter. The descendants of that litter evolved, over 3 million years, into the lifeforms known as Felis Sapiens - the Cat people.

The Cat peoples religion said that the holy mother of their race was Frankenstein, who had been saved by Cloister the Stupid aka Lister. Cloister was their god. It was said that he would return and take them to the Promised Land (Fiji), where theyd set up a hot dog stand selling doughnuts and hotdogs and wear coloured paper hats.

However, two religious denominations came into being, one that believed the sacred hats were red, and the other beleived it was blue. (They were both wrong as they were supposed to be green).

The two religious factions left Red Dwarf, in two great Arcs, in search of the Promised Land - Fuchal (pronounced foo-shall). Cat, his parents (the idiot and the cripple)and an old priest being the only remaining members of their race.

His parents and the old Priest eventually died, leaving the Cat as the last member of his race.

When he was found by Lister, he didnt have a name, so Lister and the others just called him Cat.

Cat is a selfish , self-centered shallow creature (all his best points) and lives purely to collect suits and to give the world pleasure because of his great ass. Eventually he plans to settle down when he has found the right small group of girls, maybe seven or eight.

Cats alter-ego is Duane Dibbly - the cat WITHOUT cool.

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